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How it all started:

As a boy, I liked playing with Lego more than with model cars. Maybe that's why I collect them now, as a reparation to the neglected childhood toys ;-).
But seriously, I always liked the look of my "John-Player-Special" Lotus F1 racing car (I still have it, but it looks rather, well, used now), and when I was offered the MGA Twincam as a commercial present at the CeBit (quite odd, isn't it?), I started liking those 1/18 scale models (funny, the MGA is scale 1/16).
During a holiday in Italy, I bought my first Bburago model car, and that's was the beginning. I now have 23 models, most of them are made by bburago.
I very much like the older ones, from 1920 to 1940, and I like the sport cars from the mid-60's, especially Ferrari.
I'm always looking for new acquisitions, but usually buy only 2 or 3 cars every year.

How this site is organized:

I have images of my cars (1024 pixels wide), which are about 60k in size. I tried to reduce them further, but found out, that one wouldn't see much of the details any more.These images are referrenced by small thumbnails (128x70), which are sorted in two different manners, either chronological or by alphabet. The year of construction is given as the model manufacturer states it, that doesn't mean that this is correct in every case, so don't blame me.


There is a Linkpage to other pages with model-car related content. Have a look.

But now :

You can browse my collection in alphabetic order, or sorted by year of construction:
  2. Alfa Romeo Auto Union Borgward Bugatti
    Chevrolet Dodge Ferrari Jaguar
    Lamborghini Mercedes Benz MGA Porsche
    Renault Shelby Smart Volkswagen
  4. 1920-1940 1950-1970 1980-2000 Not classified
As this page is rather new, I would like you to write me your thoughts about it, give comments or tips how to improve it. I would also like to have information about the "real" cars. Thank you.

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