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Descent is a game by Parallax // Interplay. It features 3D level design, artificial intelligence, loads of weapons and supreme manouverability. PTMC's interstellar ore-mines have been infested by alien robots. Go there, eradicate the artificial breed, rescue all hostages and nuke the mine by blowing it's reactor ! But be aware, those robots are DAMNED intelligent (They'll actually hide and seek or try to get in your back) ! That sort of sums it up . Better try to coordinate moving, sliding and rotating your ship while firing like hell, or they'll BLOW you away.


There are excellent levels on the web you may want to try. I will provide some of them myself, maybe rotating them in certain intervalls, but most of them will be on other servers. For questions or suggestions please contact the authors of these levels.
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  1. Alien
  2. Harmless
  3. In Square Out


Descent is the classic joystick game, so get yourself a quality joystick (such as CH-Fighterstick or Thrustmaster). Even better is to have a good joystick and a throttle (CH Pro-Throttle or Thrustmaster TQS). Be sure to have one or more "Coolie-Hats" on your sticks, so that you can perform sliding manouvers without having to stop pitch movement. Some people I know play this game entirely with the keyboard. In fact they turn out to be one hell of an opponent, so there must be some advantage to that method.
Descent deals with 4 Megs or 8 Megs of RAM, but then there is heavy load on your harddisk. Better have 16 Megs or more.
Well, you CAN play Descent on a 486 DX 50, but when the traffic gets higher you'll soon realize that you need a faster CPU. In Multiplayer Mode speed is even more essential.
This game comes best with the right OOMPH from your speakers. Try to run it via your stereo, or use active speakers of some size (I use active 3-way 80 watts speakers).
Slide a lot to evade enemy fire ! Concussion missiles can simply be evaded, while for homing missiles you'll have to fly around corners or make sharp turns in front of a wall. Sometimes they can be tricked with flares. Take out those missile shooting robots early, they can be nasty. Practise to circle your opponent with slides and turns without losing the mark on your target.
You wouldn't probably think of CHEATING in this game, would you ? Anyway, there ARE Cheat Codes for Descent I and Descent II .


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If anybody looks for a real challenge in Descent, then he might want to visit the Multimedia Center Bochum and ask for ALIEN. This guy is terrific ! I never saw someone playing like this in a multiplayer session.
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