Why should anyone want to leave home in winds over 6 bft, walk to a muddy field and risk being soaked by the upcoming rain ?
Simple, because then is the best time for kiting ! (at least in Northern Europe ;-) )
Kiting ? Sounds quite boring, isn't it ?
<Big Fish Kite> No, I don't think so! There are so many different kites to be build and flown, so many different winds and weathers.

Watch a colorful oneliner, standing in a blue summers sky... <Asian Kite>
OK, not so blue actually...

<A Flock of Twoliners> Or feel how a twoliner reacts to every pull, how it responds and tries to lift you off the ground when you fly it near the grass ! (in Germany we call that "an der Grasnarbe")

This is what it's all about !
One could call me mad, but I love to struggle with the wind. When I return home in the evening, tired and stiff, and when I couldn't get up in the morning because of muscle ache - boy, I feel really good ! <Formation Flying Deltas>

In the moment, I own 11 kites, including 4 chinese bamboo kites, a triple delta span (approx 170cm), a double flexifoil span (stacker), a delta which's name I forgot and finally a streaker (foldable !).

Please mail me if you have any suggestions according to the design of this page or information about kiting, festivals, competitions etc.olaf.eichler@ruhr-uni-bochum.de

[Falls jemand aus Bochum und Umgebung Lenkdrachen und Lust hat mit ein paar Leuten und mir zu fliegen, so möge er/sie mir eine E-Mail schicken.]


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The pictures on this page were taken at the 1992 North Sea Cup in Scheveningen.
I have lots of them, but not enough space to show them ;-)
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