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    The mysterious creature of light, that appeared at the southpole in 2000 and who caused the eradication of nearly one third of mankind in the Second Impact is Adam, the first angel.
    He was reduced by man to his embryo from, in doing so Second Impact occured. It is said, that if ANY angel comes in contact with Adam, Third Impact immediatly will happen, this time completely cleansing earth from mankind.
    Like Lilith, Adam is a source of life, the prototype for the EVA-series and, like all angels, in posession of the "fruit of life", while mankind is in posession of the "fruit of wisdom", for which it was expelled from the garden Eden.
    He plays a crucial role in the Human Instrumentality Project, because Adam must be hidden from every other angel and THEN be brought in contact with Lilith (the forbidden marriage) or one of the EVA's to start Third Impact in a controlled way.
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