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    All Terrain Humanoid Fighting Machines: Evangelion.
    These skyscraper tall fighting machines were created to protect mankind against it's enemies, the angels, mysterious alien creatures of similar magnitude.
    The EVA's are commanded by human pilots, children of age 14, who were born after Second Impact. The pilot sits inside the so called "entry-plug", that is flooded with LCL (Link Connection Liquid) and then then injected into EVA's spine. (Alternatively, EVA could be piloted by the dummy-plug system, which simulates human brain patterns)
    EVA's are no robots, but living beings, cloned from genetically altered material of Adam, the first angel captured by man. The "armor" acts as a restraint as well as protection.
    Power-support for the armor and to connect the pilot to EVA is supported via an umbilical-cable or internal batteries, which limits the time of action to 300 seconds.
    The strength and regenerative power of EVA is impressive, even decapitation will not completely kill it.
    But the most impressive feature is the AT-field, a force field generated by every living being that has a soul. The so-called "dummy-plug-proof" thus indicates that in fact EVA's contain souls !
    The interesting question now is, where does that soul come from ?
    All together, 13 EVA's were build.

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