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    Me ?

    Messenger of God ?

    Isn't it strange, that the enemies who clearly try to destroy mankind in the Third Impact are called "shito" (angel) ?
    Are they really messengers from God, or was that name misinterpreted from the translation of the dead sea scrolls ?
    And if they were NOT messenger of god, why was the arrival of Adam so accurately described in the Dead Sea Scroll, that it was possible for Ikari Gendo to leave Antarctica BEFORE the Second Impact that caused the huge flood ?
    According to the Red Cross Book (a companion to End of Evangelion, the theatrical release of episodes 25 and 26), angels are beings originated from the source of life called Lilith. They take various sizes and shapes: from a giant octahedron to a minute Angel the size of bacteria, or even a "shadow" Angel without tangible form.
    In episode 26', Fuyutsuki said that it seems that Angels are beings which got the "Fruit of Life" while mankind got the "Fruit of Wisdom". So, angels are another possible form of mankind.
    See Angel Orders for more details on angels in general or proceed to the first 4 angels...

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