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Lewis Vendredi had made a deal with the devil. In exchange for eternal life and tremendous wealth, he sold cursed antiques. But soon he realized the fineprint of this deal, eternal life doesn't mean eternal youth... He broke the pact and died, doomed to suffer in hell. And this is where our story begins :

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"Two distant cousins are informed that with the passing of their uncle Lewis they have inherited an antique shop. Upon their arrival at the store, they realise their true inheritance ... an emporium with a legacy of a Satanic curse. They are shrouded in a world of darkness and evil. They must accept their fate and submerge themselves in this world of the unknown. Each story finds them in a terrifying pursuit of the cursed object and its Faustian possessor."

Friday the 13th - The Series is a dark horror anthology about Micki and Ryan, who are trying to recover numerous of the cursed antiques Lewis Vendredi had sold , in addition to the ones they sold themselves unknowingly. The series has 72 episodes in 3 seasons and was produced from 1987 to 1990 in Toronto / Canada. Original airing in the US was from September 28, 1987 to May 14, 1990. It is still rerun today on syndicate TV ! The show won several awards including the 1988 silver medal at the Film & TV festival in NY for "Faith Healer" and "The Barons Bride" and the 1992 silver HUGO's for "Scarlet Cinema" (best director) and "The Sweetest Sting "(best television drama) In Germany it was aired 1992 on SAT1 and 1995 on KABEL1. Today, it can't be seen in Germany as far as I know (at least not on Free-TV).


Finally, after long years of waiting and sharing bad copies on VCR tape and DVD, the fall season of 2008 gives us season 1 of this classic show on DVD.
Go, order yourself a copy (e.q. at Amazon US).
This release will be in NTSC and (I suppose) region 1 coded. So make sure your player can handle both.

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