Friday the 13th - The Series

Vendredi's Antiques
Extensive site, including a forum

Friday The 13th The Series Complete Website Links
Link list and short bios

CAIN's Friday the 13th -The Series Page
Fanfiction, episode guide, character info, tape exchange and FAQ

Friday the 13th: The Series' Current Events

The 13th Hour
Unfortunaty, AOL shut down it's hometown web service. To check out this very comprehensive site, one needs to go to the Internet Archive now.

The Vault
AOL archive of Alyse Wax, creator of many storys and the F13 fanzine "The Vault". This was one of the first F13TS pages out there !Only partially remaining pieces, unfortunately.

Erben des Fluches at SerienHeaven
German F13Ts page

John D. Lemay : The Actor - The Artist
John's personal page. This is not online anymore, so, again, a link to the archives

Devoted to the red headed beauty Robey, model, singer, actress, (Ex-)Countess of Burford.

Chris Wiggins : Canadian Actor And Author
Quite new as well. Very informative...and thanks to Alexander Zdunek, I now DO know when Chris was born :-)

Steve Monarque
Steven's homepage. That was the last one I missed until now.

David Winning
Not actually an "actors" page. David Winning directed the episodes "Sweetest Sting","Scarlet Cinema", and "Jack In the Box".

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