Friday the 13th - The Series

 Jack Marshak is an old friend of Lewis'. He is an illusionist and expert in occultism, practicing magic as well. He used to supply antiques for Lewis' store and first encounters Ryan and Micki when he sneakes around Vendredi's Antiques in order to find out what had happened to Lewis - who owed him the money for his latest deliveries. He realizes that Lewis is dead and that he dealt with Satan (finding vague suspicions confirmed), and informs Micki and Ryan of the real meaning of their inheritance.
His father was captain and died aboard his ship, coming back as a spirit to pay his debts to a murdered biker.
Jack was soldier in World War 2, was married once and had a son, Peter, who posessed great spiritual powers but not enough control of them - dying in the dreams of a young girl he tried to free from posession.
Jack brings in knowledge of darker, stranger things. In several episodes, he has to use his occult knowledge, for instance when he enters the "world in between" through a mirror and seals the gates of hell, defeating Vendredi in doing so. One can't help but think that Jack is the real important character in this hunt for cursed antiques.

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