Friday the 13th - The Series

 Lewis Vendredi made a deal with the devil. He would sell cursed antiques and receive enormous wealth and eternal life (though not eternal youth, as he found out ), but one day he breakes the pact by sealing the antiques in his "curse-proof" vault in the basement, as a result the devil comes for him. The Antique store wents into probate - and Micki and Ryan are the next relatives to inherit it. Several times during the show, Lewis tries to come to life again or to bring the devil to earth, each time with a little more force and success. Lewis was married once to a woman who couldn't stand his coldheartedness, Ryans father knew him when he was still a child. Lewis entered the world of black magic and witchcraft early, someday then he must have crossed path with Jack Marshak. When he formed a coven (circle of witches and sorcerers) and finally made a deal with Satan their ways departed again.
Whenever Lewis appears, he emanates evil and tries to fulfill wicked plans.

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