Friday the 13th - The Series

 Micki Foster is the leading female character. She is a niece of Lewis Vendredi. Inheriting the store along with Ryan, she insists in selling everything off. She wants to get rid of the store as quick as possible, then get back to New York to her fiance Lloyd.
Micki's parent's are both alive. Micki starts to be a New York snob, caring for her career and her looks, but becomes responsible and self-confident. In the beginning, she has little more to do than scream, but grows to be strong and desperate. She was killed by a cursed coin and reanimated by Ryan and Jack, using the same coin again on her, being traumatized by that, who wouldn't.
Later in the show we learn about occult powers she possesses. We don't learn much about her private life though, in the 3rd season there are hints for a romantic thing towards Johnny, but the storyline never gets exploited.

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