Friday the 13th - The Series

 Ryan Dallion is the leading male character. Together with Micki, he inherites the store "Vendredi's Antiques" from Micki's dead uncle Lewis. But unlike Micki, he wants to run the store - because he likes the things they found in it.
Ryan's father was an inventor, the relationship between them wasn't very good. His father sacrificed his life and was killed with a cursed pipe from Lewis' store - after trying to kill Micki with it. Ryan had a younger brother named Jimmy, who died when Ryan was 10, shortly after that, his mother ran out on them. Ryan is a big child, he collects comics, wears shorts and T-shirt. There is no episode where he doesn't get his nose punched. Besides that, Ryan also is a tragic figure, he suffered the loss of several people (mostly women) he cared for, and feels cursed himself for that.
He is possessed by evil forces at the end of the 2nd season, leading him to betray his friends. His final tragidy (the reduction to a 10 year old boy by the demon Asteroth) leads to his departure from the show, but has a hopeful aspect: He receives a second chance to live his childhood with his mother, who returned to make peace with her son.
Ryan Dallion was replaced by Johnny Ventura as leading male character, but the later never reached his intensity.

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