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    The Apocryphic books

    There are many religious books like the Books of Moses, The Book of Kings, several prophets, the evangelists books and so on. These "canonical" books were chosen to form "The Bible", because their stories could be connected in a reasonable way. The other books were left out and are called "apocryphic".
    Apocryphic means "secret", and while some of these secret books were considered "false religion" by the church, the term apocryphic was applied later to all books that were not included in the canonical bible. Especially the additions to The Old Testament are very interesting, because they give useful insights into old Jewish belief and daily life in that time.
    Many different descriptions of angels are included in here as well, I would especially like to point to "The Book of Enoch" for that.
    The apocryphic books, though not in the modern bible, have influence on our Christian belief. For instance, what were the names of the three kings ? You won't find these names in the bible. But most of us know them to be be Casper (Gaspar, King of Arabia), Melchior (Melquon, King of Persia) and Balthasar (King of India). These names are from an apocryphic book from Arminia, based on the evangelists Jacobus and Thomas.
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