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    Angel Orders:

    Seraphim: The highest order of angels in Heaven, they are incorruptible, brilliant and powerful. They are the angels closest to God and in direct communication with him. The Seraphim are so radiant, neither Ophanim nor Cherubim can look upon them. If humans stood in their presence, they would be incinerated. Seraphim control the motion of the Heavens as it flows out from God. They have 6 wings. Leaders of the Seraphim (among others) are the archangels Michael (Sword of God), Metatron (Voice of God) and Uriel.

    Cherubim : The second highest order. The Cherubim are brilliant and mighty angels, majestic and beautiful. It is said, they dwell in the Seventh Heaven, close to God. They emanate a subtle vibration of knowledge and wisdom that they received from God. Cherubim are sometimes referred to as Holy Beasts. In the Book of Psalms 18:10, God rides upon a Cherub. Here we have the archangels Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel (yes, maybe the same as above) in command. Samael (Luzifer) was also a ruling prince, before his fall from grace.

    Ophanim : The third highest order, often referred to as "Thrones". The Thrones wheel around the throne of God. Their role is to inspire confidence in the power of God. They are said to dwell in either the Third or Fourth Heaven. Their leaders are Japhkiel, Oriphiel, Zaphkiel, Zabkiel, Jophiel, and Raziel. At least 3 of them might be archangels as well.

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