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    Ikari Gendo

    Ikari gendo, father of Shinji, is the head of NERV and commander in chief. His personality is dark and introverted, he is not easy to work with because of his obscurity. His relationship to people, including his son Shinji, is reserved and somewhat cold, he seems to consider people as tools that he could use to fulfil some schemes he is planning.
    Gendo had an affair with Akagi Naoko, he dropped her when she wasn't useful anymore. He has an affair with Akagi Ritsuko, whom he as well drops when she is no longer useful. He is involved in the whole Project-E, NERV, SEELE, GEHIRN, whatsoever from the beginning (his wife, Yui, introduced him to GEHIRN), but his plans for Human Instrumentality differ from those of SEELE.
    Gendo seems to suffer from the same fears and obstructions Shinji does, he is affraid of people, afraid to love his son and then lose him (like he did with his wife), and so he rejects them all and - aside their usefulness to make his scenario of Third Impact come true - people don't mean anything to him.
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