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Jim's Eats - A smorgasbord of funny pancakes

The Hobbit Name-Generator
May I introduce myself : Ferdirand Took of Grand Smials. What was Your Hobbit name again ?

Shonen Ai Manga Online. High quality artwork

Glues Brothers Sci-Fi und Fantasy Modellbau
Eine Seite über Modellbau im phantastischen Bereich. Modelle und Beschreibungen online

Tongue twisters
Welcome to the world's largest collection of tongue twisters!

The Girls Guide to Geek Guys
Yep, I always knew it. This is the beginning of a new era, finally !

User Friendly. the Comic Strip
Watch it

Simon's Stuff
Simon Travaglia, author of BOFH.

This is one of the coolest vehicles I know. Maybe we won't have to walk anymore someday...

The Dilbert Zone
And this is the other hilariously funny inside-cubicle/IT comic

Inktank - Web Comics and Cartoons
Some very nasty online-comics >-}

Sysadmin Humor
Non Ex Transverso, Sed Deorsum

Wired was the pioneer in online media and publishing.

A biting web commentary, somehow spun of Wired I guess.

Have you heard of people defining themselves by what they buy ? Thus products defining people ? Well, this is the other way around.

Interesting devices connected to the net
Everything from fish-cam's to coffee machines.

Silicon Graphics' Silicon Surf
Definitely worth a look ! Large images !

THE Java collection of the web

Satirisches Magazin

The Dark Knight Online
Very good Batman page

Der Mond
This site never looks the same twice, but unfortunately you need flash.

Garfield Online
The Fat Cat Page ;-)

Marsupilami Homepage
Enter the Palumbian Jungle...Hubba

Gaston Lagaffe
Franquin´s masterpiece ! A nightmare for his environment and the most hilarious comic hero I ever saw !

World of Escher
The art of M.C. Escher

Marvellous images, fantasy art and water-color images

Magic Images
Rendered (??) Fantasy-Images.

The Green Dragon
As the name indicates, there are many dragons :-}! Very skillful artist !
And surprisingly, this site is damn fast !

Rusted Faith Design
Completely Flashed, but boy, he knows what looks good.

Cool Pics, J.Mueller designed for Quake 3 and did Comic-Books.

Werbeagentur zweier PR-Rißzeichner

Genetically Organized Lifelike Electro Mechanics :The next step of robot-evolution.
In this project, artificial life evolves and mutates in a simplified physical simulation. The fittest individuals ,according to their ability to "survive" (e.g. move far in a given time on any terrain), are automatically produced in a rapid-prototyping machine. This is autonomous ! This artificial life really reproduces !!
There is a Golem@Home program for download.
Harley-Davidson Homepage

The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything
Yes, here it is, the legendary Big Button. And it really is useless !

Kaffee Ranking Liste der Fachschaft Physik an der Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Can you imagine that 265 students at the Bochum physics department drank nearly 90000 cups of coffee since 1989 ?
Well, maybe you can, but imagine that the leading 13 are responsible for 50% of that ! the way, I currently hold rank 4.

Das Bild der Woche
And besides drinking coffee, we also make silly websites...

Risszeichnungsjournal - Concepts of Utopic Design
"Das Rißzeichnungs-Journal ist eine Publikation der Rißzeichner und Rißzeichnungsbegeisterten
der Science-Fiction-Szene, insbesondere der Szene um die Science-Fiction-Serie Perry Rhodan,
die nun schon seit 35 Jahren raumfahrtbegeisterte Fans um sich sammelt."

CoolSpots California
a searchable collection of photographs, mainly of the Golden State.

404 Research Labs
The most hated web-page is the "404-Not found", isn't it ? Haven't you wondered about their secret
conspiracy to rule the internet ? Here is a comprehensive family tree of 404's

The T'Inator
Enough jibba jabba. Enter the URL of your favorite page and press return to receive Mr. T's pity

A real fun to watch, they have a worst website award.

Dark Spots
Talking about ugly websites...

Is gay
Dynamically produces "news"pages that state someone you chose is gay.

Online flat-sharing community in England.

Teletubby Fun Land
Finally we learn the whole truth...teletubbys are baaaad!

Another "Dark Spots" Page

File not found
And while you look for it, play a game of SENSO !

Geek Heroes
This page is dedicated to a special kind of "cult" figures, the McGyvers and Lara Crofts that geeks sem to admire.

1001 things to do with Liquid Nitrogen
Physicists who have too much time (which is relative by the way..)could come up with such an idea !

Web People

Justins Links to the Underground
The online self-portrait of Justin Hall

Ready, Steadman, Go
The semi-official page of carl-worship.

Alan Cox Diary
Alan Cox Diary at

Hilda from Denmark
OK, basically it is the diary of Hilda. And yes, mostly it is pink. But I REALLY like her design

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