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Tobias Muhlack
The small physicist with this huge ... expert knowledge in soccer ;-)

Paul Broziewski
Another physicist - but he knows US-Sports better.

Jens Kleimann
My great model in cinema and Seti@Home.

Sven Schlicher
Fidget is back !!

Alex Golischewski
Yes, he definitely was subject of several funny pics of the week...

Jan. N(icht ??) Klug
What ! No black in here ?

Kai "Psycho" Zenerino
We won a "one year" subcription of Computer Gaming World that lasted nearly 3 years ;-) in the
Descent Levels of the World Contest

Ingo & Anke Boernig
Former captain of Schwarz-Rot Nabla 68. Now, he (doesn't ;-) ) score for the SuSE corporal team.
And his wife Anke, who should apply for the "worlds greatest cow-collection" award.

Markus & Lena Goerdes
Sometimes there is a good thing in giving up such a noble thing as physics to study such a humble one as medicin.
He met his wife.

Andrea & Michael Hüsken
Two more physicists. Unfortunately for them, there is no "ü" in domain names, and "" was not available.

Katrin Fortak
Ok, the design is ... colourful, but I like her astronomy page.

Alexander Stratmann
Another soccer player, he as well happens to be a fellow dancer and my boss right now (so I won't write anything stupid here B-) )

Katrin Brede
My dancing partner. This handsome astrophysicist had the (totally undeserved :-) ) luck to do her diploma-thesis in Hawaii (sigh) and her PhD in Tai-Peh.

Katja Jüngling
Come on over, have some fun ... ;-) Funny how things happen, we went to the same school and she knew one of my oldest friends since childhood, but we never actually met until me reaching the biblical age of 30 ;-).

Andrea Hermann
Aspiring piano teacher and twin-sister of my better half

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