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The Cat-Scan
I'm not sure whether this is cruel or damn funny.

Red Meat
This guy must have some twisted thoughts...

That really is what we all needed ! No more Fake-A-Fart-Cushions, this is for real fun :-).

Derf City
HilariousComics,a bit bizarre though.

Leisure Town
Freaky Puppets on a rampage ;-)

Schlagerfreunde Essen e.V
Tja, wers mag...

Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology
Here used to be a link to the "church" of scientology. I thought that it was fun to write a cynical comment about them and put up a link, so that everyone would easily how ridiculous their "belief" was. But as time went by I realized that even making fun of something evil (but still ridiculous) promotes it in a way. So, if you really want to visit Scientology, go google for it.

Jehovah's witnesses
OK, here one could apply the same argumentation as above. IMHO, the watchtower org. is dangerous to it's followers as well (i.e. their stubborn refusal of blood-transfusion), but their ambitions for political and economic influence seems to be lower.

Official Microsoft Hate Page
It seems that we finally win !!!! Bye bye Billy

Spunk Library
Anarchy, anarchist, and alternative materials.

Dark Side of the Net
NEVER get off track when you enter the dark realms of the net....

Lost Souls
Everybody is a book of blood; wherever we're opened we're red.
Official website of Clive Barker

The Cabinet of Dr. Casey
Horror in movie, TV and literature are Dr. Casey's domain. Enter, if you dare...

Danse Macabre
Dark ambiente

Hhhm. I knew you would say that. Some kind of YAHOO...

Monty Python Online
I'm a lumberjack...

A perfect example of "function follows form". Unfortunately, there isn't a single line of plain text, everything has to be graphic. But who cares, do YOU still use a modem ? haha, stupid you !

Gallery of the Absurd
You are to experience a collection of weird--but real--advertisements

Gallery of Advertising Parody

And there is more ! The how-much-a-meter and the rate-a-beggar !

The World's Only Ass-Kicking Machine
This is not a joke ...well... anyway, some farmer in Virginia built a water-driven ass-kicking machine.

Jeva Jeva
Warning ! Looking at this annoyingly flashing and blinking pages could result in severe brain damage. Besides, I don't get the message.

Darwin Awards
Sad but true. Evolution hasn't erradicated human stupidity yet B-}

Tourette Syndrome Barbie
I always wished barbie would be more like a real human beeing ... with all it's flaws and illnesses ,-)

This is so bizarre. Please kids @home : don't try this out.
Everybody will laugh at you and you will never get a job as web-designer

Instant Spells by Madame
If she can make money out of it, so can I . Please send me $100. All major credit cards accepted :)

Bonsai Kitten
Wow ! Hopefully this will be on QVC someday !

Leprosy Barbie
Farewell to arms . . . and legs! Finally!

The Vampire Church
Everyone his own flavor...., where's my garlic ? But they seem to be serious about it, so have a look at it.

The Puke Club
Somehow ... revolting B-<=..

GothCode 3.x Decoder Page
Decodes GothCode 3.x

GothCode 98 Decoder Page
Decodes GothCode 98

The Spark
Are You a virgin or a slut ? Are You mad or sane ? They could give you an answer. Various psycho-test, most are extreme funny (What is YOUR purity-score by the way ?)

Die neue Disziplin für Olympia

Hilarious, like Isgay or T'Inator

Internetz-Vertrauensperson Reinhard Pfarrpfeifer
If this isn't a fake, I'm deeply concerned. In German only.

Johannes Kaplan's redlich-elektrische Heimseite
And if THIS guy is for real ...

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