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    Ramiel is an "angel of thunder", his name means "Mercy of God".
    One of the holy angels, whom God set over those who rise.
    In the series, Ramiel appears as a large, blue "grain of salt" (episode 5), a flying fortress that entered Tokyo-3's airspace and started drilling through the GeoFront's armament from above.
    Because of his extremely powerful AT-field and a very strong energy weapon, he couldn't be defeated in close combat. So NERV had to "borrow" a positron-rifle from the JSSDF and juiced it with all the power that Japan could deliver.
    Ramiel was finally defeated in a long-range shootout, but Rei in Unit-00 was injured, because she stepped in the way of Ramiels fire to protect Shinji, who operated the rifle. After that, Unit-00 was refited, now with the blue armament and combat-gear (before it was equiped with an orange prototype-outfit).
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