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    Third Children: Ikari Shinji

    The main character of the story and pilot of Evangelion Unit 01. Shinji is the son of Rokubungi (Ikari)Gendo and Ikari Yui. His mother Yui died when he was a little boy. Gendo left him to live with his teacher for several years, their relationship isn't the best to put it nicely.
    Shinji is afraid of people. Because of the way he lost his mother and the neglegence from his father, he developed an attitude that was described as "Hedgehogs Dilemma". The closer hedehogs get each other, the more they hurt each other. Shinji does what he is told to do.
    A nice example is the way he learned to play Cello. He was told to learn an instrument - but not that he should stop it. It doesn't matter to him if he actually LIKES playing cello !
    He doesn't like himself, and therefore he wouldn't allow himself to become happy in contact with other people I guess.
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