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    Zeruel, is an "angel of might", his name means "God's (strong) arm".
    His appearance (episode 19) fits, as he is a supreme warrior with very "strong" arms (they look like paperfolds, and are very sharp). He easily blast's a hole into the GeoFront, a success no angel before had made, and began to descend into the underground, searching for Adam.
    Asuka was sent against him, Zeruel dissected EVA-02's arms and then decapitated it.
    Rei in still not fully refitted Unit-00 (defeated by Bardiel before) made a sacrificial attempt to kill Zeruel with an N2-Mine, but she couldn't penetrate his AT-field and only blew herself up.
    Finally, Shinji, who never wanted to enter an Evangelion Unit again, drag's Zeruel away, they are jetisoned to the surface ...where Zeruel defeats Unit-01 as well. Once powerless, EVA-01 is badly injured (his arm ripped off) by Zeruel, Shinji is helpless.
    But it seems that EVA want't to protect Shinji by all means, it went's berserk again, this time completely out of control. Not only kills EVA Zeruel, it as well eats it up in a disgusting display of wild animal behaviour.
    In doing so, EVA now has an S2-engine (!), it breaks free from it's restraints (the body-armor) and with it's gruesome, wolflike howling it becomes clear what the EVA-series really are : Wild, frightening beasts, somehow, but not fully controlled by man and it's technology.
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