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    Arael is an "angel of birds". In NGE, his form vaguely resembles a bird or maybe a bat.
    When he first appears in episode 22, he orbits in space and attacks Unit-02, or more accurate Asuka, directly on a psychic level.
    Asuka is literally mentally "raped", as Arael digs up her deepest fears and hidden emotions. An attack with the positron rifle, that proved useful against Ramiel, is futile due to the large distance to the still orbiting angel.
    Gendo orders to use the Longinus Lance. So Unit-00 climbs down into Central Dogma, removes the Lance from Lilith's chest and with it defeats Arael, now easily penetrating his AT-field. But in doing so, the Longinus Lance is lost, because it rockets through Arael until it hits ground on the moon.
    There are several important results from this fight, Asuka breaks down completely, Lilith is freed from the Longinus Lance - which is lost, so Human Instrumentality Project enters it's final phase, at least the way Ikari Gendo want's it.
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