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    Qaballa describes Bardiel as one of the two "angels of hail" or "angel of lightning". He first appears in episode 18 :
    Evangelion Unit-03 is transported from Germany to Tokyo-3. The designated pilot would be Suzuhara Touji, the fourth children.
    During this transport, the cargo-plane flies through heavy weather. A mysterious sparkling (!) illuminates the strom-clouds (!) and apparently hits the plane and it's cargo.
    Later, when Unit-03 is tested, it get's out of control. Soon it is realized, that Unit-03 is infected by an alien parasite that takes control over it. Any attempts to eject the entry-plug, thus rescueing the pilot, are futile. Unit-03 is abandoned and classified as the 13th angel : Bardiel.
    Bardiel was killed by Unit-01 under the control of the dummy-plug system. Units-00 and 02 were easily defeated by Bardiel, Shinji refused to defend against Bardiel (let alone attack him), because he wouldn't want to kill it's human pilot.
    So Gendo ordered, that the dummy-plug system should take over. Now stripped of any human retention, Eva-01 shreds Bardiel apart, finally squashing the entry-plug in his hand, while Shinji becomes a helpless witness.
    Touji survives, badly injured, and Shinji completely snaps after that, threatening to destroy the entire Nerv-complex with his Evangelion. He is removed from the entry-plug by increasing the LCL-density to a maximum (nearly asphyxating him).
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