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    Gendo :

    The driving force that involves Gendo in the whole SEELE/GEHIRN/NERV development is his love to his wife Yui, all he does after she died, all his planning and scheming results from his love to Yui and his wish to get her back alife.
    This is the vision of Chesed All his self-righteous (illusion)actions, his hypocritical way of "I am right and YOU are wrong" (vice) results from this love.
    He doesn't care if people die, if mankind dies, as long as he and Yui will be together again.
    When Rei finally refuses to take him with her in End of Evangelion, he realizes that indead HE was wrong in his doing and not every other person not agreeing with him (a thought that he never bothered to think in his hypocrisis before), he finally showed the virtue of Chesed : humility. "I was wrong ! I am sorry."
    All that makes Gendo a very very tragic figure, his sole motivation for all the cruel things he did, for all his betrayal and abuse was his love to Yui. That doesn't make him a better man, but he sure is not the offender per se, he is a victim as well. He is a very miserable, shy and unhappy man, who couldn't stand losing the love of his life and was corrupted by the power he was given. The result is known.
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