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    Akagi Ritsuko

    Ritsuko is the daughter of Akagi Naoko, who was the leading scientist of GEHIRN before she died, and now Ritsuko is head of science for NERV.
    She likes everything logical and scientific, shows great determination, but inside is insecure.
    She developed most of EVA's technology and has intimate knowledge of what is done how and why - as well as she know's all the denials and schemes NERV uses to disguise their actions.
    Ritsuko has, like her mother, an affair with Gendo, like her mother her love is betrayed when Gendo chooses Rei (Yui) over her.
    She knows Misato from university, as well as Ryohji.
    When Ritsuko discovers the truth behind Human Instrumentality Project, she destroyed all Rei-clones (= the dummy-plug system) and tried to self-destruct the MAGI-computer, which failed, because Caspar-3 refused. She is shot by Gendo, who disposes his former lover when she becomes unuseful.
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