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    Misato :

    Misato is a perfect Netzach. She has several bad habit's like drinking, sloppyness, sex is a game for her. Habit is the qlippah of Netzach.
    Misato doesn't care what other people want, she imposes her vision to others, this corresponds to Netzach's illusion : Projection. Misato wanted Shinji to live with her because she considered him "a tool she could use", which is only one example of her selfishness (vice), and she also shows the virtue of Netzach : selflessnes.
    Misato has a certain way of how she thinks the world should be, and she tries to reach that goal. That shows the vision of Netzach (beauty) and the obligation (responsibility).
    When Misato finally guards Shinji during the events of End of Evangelion, she showed "real" responsibility for him, she sacrificed her life for Shinji (selfless), but as well for the cause (that "could" be considered selfish ...).
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