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    The Human Instrumentality Project


    The following years were very properous for GEHIRN, the EVA-series was developed, the MAGi-computer as well, Japan's new capital (Tokyo-3) was founded and an Operations-HQ was built in a giant cavern underneath Tokyo-3 - the GeoFront.
    The GeoFront is a giant sphere of 13.75 km diameter, nearly 90 percent of it's volume is filled with sand and rocks.
    In 2010, GEHIRN was dissolved and NERV was formed, a multinational secret organisation with the sole purpose to destroy angels. By then, Misato, Kaji and Ritsuko had joined NERV.
    The year 2015 marked the beginning of the conflict between mankind and the angels, when Sachiel attacked Tokyo-3.
    The hidden agenda of SEELE, and subsequently it's executive wing NERV, is the fulfilling of a prophecy. A prophecy made in the fabled Qumran-Scrolls. The salvation of mankind had to be prepared by the coming of 18 angels and their destruction.
    The Tree of Life with it's 18 branches constitutes the possible ways evolution could take, and as angels and mankind (the 18th angel) held all possible ways, the further evolution of mankind would not be possible without "cleansing" the evolutionary branches and starting anew.
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