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    Magi Computer :

    The Magi were three wise men that came to see Jesus when he was born. The names of these men were Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar, as it was stated by Jacobus.
    In NGE, MAGI is the name of a supercomputer, that consists of three individual computers (guess how they were named ... exact). Every decision has to be made unanimous. Akagi Naoko, Ritsuko's mother, who designed the MAGI-system, programmed little differences into computers, representing herself as scientist (Melchior-1) mother (Balthasar-2) and woman (Caspar-3).
    An interesting detail is the number of an encryption-program that is used to counter SEELE's attempt to hack the original MAGI during the preparation of the Human Instrumentality Project (Third Impact) :
    666, the mark of the beast ;-).
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