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    The Human Instrumentality Project

    The Secret Agenda

    This is what SEELE intended to do, skip the divine order of evolution and, in cutting of the branches of the evolutionary tree, evolve mankind to perfection. Immortal, free of fear, weakness and loneliness.
    An ambitious plan, to trick evolution and finally reach godhood.
    The catch in that plan is, that ALL 18 possible way's of what god had planned had to be destroyed, including the angels AND mankind. The process of killing mankind as individuals marks the transformation into a higher being, a godlike creature.
    And this is the point where SEELE's scenario and the one that Gendo had planned separate. While SEELE intended to create a divine unity, Gendo wished to create divine individuality, the perfection of the individual soul, so that he could be together with his dead wife Yui in a perfect world without people hurting each other.
    The method to reach this goal is identical to the one that SEELE had planned, kill all angels, then initiate the forbidden marriage of Lilith and Adam, annihilation of every human's AT-field, so that mankind would dissolve into it's original form - LCL !
    This was prophesied in the Qumran-scrolls as coming of the black moon (that is the GeoFront, which can be considered as Lilith's "egg") and later coming of the red moon (The Last Judgement), that would be a world of blood (LCL).
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