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    Unit 04 - Production Model

    The third production-model, coloured in white and red and sharing the same outfit as Unit-02 and 03 (thus production model), was rather short-living.
    Built in America, this should be the first EVA to have an S2-engine (Super-Solenoid-engine). That feature would have made internal batteries and umbilical-cable obsolete, drastically extending the time of operation.
    Alas, something went wrong. When the S2-engine, restored in Germany, was installed, it caused Unit-04 to either go berserk or to "sink" into his own Dirac-sea (like Leliel).
    That caused a giant explosion, taking everything inside a 100 mile blast radius with it and leaving a crater of that size.
    Needless to say, that this event really scared SEELE's US dependace, who after that handed Unit-03 over to Japan...this should be a mistake either.

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