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    Unit 03 - Production Model

    After the explosion of Unit-04, this EVA, built in America as well, was transported via airplane to Tokyo-3.
    The EVA is painted in black, it's designated pilot would be Fourth Children Suzuhara Touji. But during the flight something happened...
    Unit-03 as infected by a micro-parasite, better known as Bardiel, the 13th angel. This caused it to go berserk after activation, capturing it's human pilot inside.
    Gendo ordered to abandon EVA-03, it was destroyed by Unit-01 under the control of the dummy-plug system.
    Unit-03 resembles the fourth baron of hell, who was pitch black and had extremely long arms.
    Presumably, this Unit encloses the soul of Touji's mother (as every child in Shinji's/Rei's/Asuka's class lost his/her mother or father ...), but that has never been proved.

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