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    Unit 01 - Testtype

    The "crown-jewel" of NERV. The dedicated pilot of Unit-01 is Ikari Shinji. This unit is painted in purple and green, and features a long horn (it resembles the second baron of hell), which makes it different from all the other Evangelions.
    What is also different is, that this Unit is extremely unstable, it was considered a 0.0000000001:1 system, which meant the possibility that it would ever move.
    This Unit went berserk several times, it moved without a pilot even (episode 1, EVA-01 held it's hand over Shinji's head to protect him from falling debris during Sachiel's attack) and showed it's own "will" in several battles against angels.
    Nonetheless it has the highest "frag-score", which is not all too surprising, because unlike all other Evangelions, who were cloned from Adam's genetic material, EVA-01 is a direct clone of Lilith, the same source of life that mankind came from.
    This makes EVA-01 the key to Human Instrumentality Project, as a surrogate for Lilith if she were unavailable.
    It's superior power is released during End of Evangelion, when after the death of Unit-02, a thunderstorm darkens the sky, and with an unearthly howling and six paired wings of fire, Evangelion appears. A truly horrific sight, and as one of SEELE's military personel states, this is the devil rising.
    And right he is, Third Impact is about to begin ...

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