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    Unit 02 - Production Model

    The first production model, built in Germany. It's designated pilot is Second Children Soryu Asuka Langley
    It features 4 eyes and is painted completely in red. This Unit is perfectly outfitted for combat (unlike EVA-00 and 01, as Asuka never tires to point out).
    The design of this unit resembles the third baron of hell, who was blood-red, had four eyes and 2 jaws.
    As proud as it's pilot is, this Unit is not compatible with any other pilot than Asuka. The soul inherent in this Unit is, how could it be different, Asuka's mother.
    Though this unit is supremely outfitted and it's pilot received special combat training, their success-record is somewhat meagre, due to the fact that Unit-01 and Shinji are a far better combination, and Unit-01 is quite superior due to the genetic material it was designed from, a fact that is not revealed to the protagonists or the audience until very late in the series
    When Unit-02 finally has it's moment of undisputed success (the defeat of SEELE's entire army and the "killing" of 8 Mass-Production EVA's in End of Evangelion), sacrifice has also to be made, because the MPU's regenerate extremely fast, and with the help of their "replica" Longinus-Lances, they impale EVA-02.
    Asuka, driven by pride and hate, manages to move her badly wounded EVA again, but that awakening is abruptly ended, when the MPU's tear Unit-02 apart like a swarm of birds eat a cadaver.

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