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    Mass Production Units

    Units 5 to 13 were Mass Production Units. All coloured white and without the significant shoulder-blades but with extendable wings instead, these EVA's were capable of flying on their own.
    Aside from the wings (they look like white dove's by the way...) the MPU's regenerate much faster and are seemingly immortal, as they are badly lacerated by Unit-02 in End of Evangelion, as it seems beyond the Heyflick-limit (the limit where an EVA could not "survive". Unit-02 was once damaged that far and could only be rescued by "organ-transplants").
    Their only weapons are large two-handed swords, which are really replica's of the fabled Longinus-Lance that is able to penetrate AT-field's.
    Each Unit was fueled by an S2-engine, thus making it independent from the umbilical-cable. These units were piloted by the dummy-plug-system and their sole purpose seemed to be the fulfillment of the Human Instrumentality Project, as they form the Tree of Life with Unit-01 to start Third Impact.

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