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    Second Children : Soryu Asuka Langley

    Soryu Asuka Langley, 3/4 German, 1/4 Japanese, she was born and raised in America. She has undergone special combat-training and pilots Unit-02.
    Asuka is very outspoken, she hates it to lose at anything and always has to be at the center of everyones attention, doesn't like at all to be told what to do, one could say she's a little princess ... but that's to superficial.
    Her mother commited suicide when Asuka was a little girl, from that day on she wanted to be strong, so that her mother would be proud of her and come back to her. This evolved into her dogmatism and egocentric behaviour.
    She loves to command Shinji around, always calling him "baka", which means idiot, but she seems to have a crush on him as well and couldn't stand it that he is such a complete wimp in her eyes.
    Her self-esteem and pride completely collapsed when she lost at what she thought to be supreme, fighting angels. After being defeated by Zeruel and ultimately by Arael, who attacked her on a psychic level, bringing out her deepest hidden emotions, she fell into a deep depression that last's until her final battle in End of Evangelion
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