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    Israfel is an "angel of music". He plays the trumpets during the Last Judgement.
    He appears (episode 9) as a giant humanoid (weak resemblance, really) aggressor with the ability to split into two equally giant angels.
    Nerv sent Units 01 and 02 against Israfel. Because of Asukas though enthusiastic but headless attack, Israfel is able to divide into two opponents. He defeats both Evangelions, ridiculing Nerv and its pilots in front of the Japanese military.
    But as Israfel "them"self is injured, the final battle is postponed, because the Evangelions need "refreshment" as well. A strategy is planned, the attacks of both Evangelions had to be synchronized.
    The required training of Asuka and Shinji is done by some kind of musical (!) Twister game. Dressed in hilarious aerobic suits, they have to "dance" simultaniously on a twister board to get a feeling for the other ones actions. Needless to say, that this is really funny and REALLY embarrassing for both of them.
    Israfel is finally defeated by Units-01 and 02 in a beautifully artistic choreography ;-)
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