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    Fourth Children: Suzuhara Touji

    Touji is one of Shinji's classmates. He is the designated pilot of Unit-03.
    Touji is a real macho, he's always strong and grumpy and likes to solve his problems with violence, nonetheless he is very introverted and sensible, but can't express his feelings, not even to Hikari, who has a huge crush on him. He is alway pissed off by something.
    His sister was badly injured during a battle between EVA-01 and an angel, when he found out that Shinji was the pilot, he knocked him down. Later they became friends. Touji agreed to pilot Unit-03 under the stipulation that his sister would be treated in NERV's own hospital. Sadly enough, he soon would be treated in there too, the incident with Unit-03 and Bardiel cost him an arm and one leg.
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