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    The Dummy-Plug-Proof

    The so called "dummy-plug-proof" (formulated by Bochan_bird) somehow goes like this :
  • The AT Field is "the light of the soul", the "barrier of the heart".
  • So, if there's no soul, there's no At-field.
  • The dummy plug contains no soul - it imitates brain-patterns.
  • Ergo, the dummy system alone is unable to manifest an AT Field.
  • The dummy plug system is designed to operate the EVAs without the pilots.
  • The Mass Production EVAs + dummy plugs generate AT Fields.
  • Ergo, the [MP EVA + dummy plug] combination must have a soul.
  • If the dummy plugs have no soul, then the MP EVAs must have souls.
  • Ergo, the MP EVAs, and by extension the NERV EVAs, which also have (had) dummy plug systems, all have souls.
  • Taken and slightly altered from the Neon Genesis FAQ by Brandon Jamieson. No copyright-infringement intended.

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